Toledo’s average annual snowfall is usually 37.8 inches. Add in sub-zero temperatures and that can really wreak havoc on local shops. That’s where commercial snow removal can help.

Businesses today have enough challenges without having to worry about the hazards of commercial snow removal. Regular commercial snow removal service ensures that your business can operate regularly, regardless of the weather. It also helps reduce your liability with customers and employees. Just one fall on an icy sidewalk or car accident in your uncleared parking lot can be extremely costly to your business. Although it may be tempting to handle the snow removal yourself or by using your employees, hiring a professional snow removal company comes with its own set of unique set of benefits.

  • A professional commercial snow removal company ensures that the proper equipment and staff is on hand to handle your snow removal safely, quickly, and effectively.
  • Reduced risk and liability related to snow and ice hazard. Lawsuits against businesses are at an all-time high. Making sure your lot has been properly cleared prevents accident-related lawsuits.
  • The peace of mind of knowing that your lot will be plowed properly without surface damage. A professional commercial snow removal company will clear your lot while maintaining its integrity.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that your property will be cleared of snow and ice in a prompt and professional manor. A professional commercial snow removal company is prepared and ready to act so that your business can be fully operational.

Many Toledo area business owners have concerns about the cost of hiring a commercial snow removal company. In reality, the right snow removal company can actually save you money by completing the job in the fraction of a time. In addition, they take on the cost of acquiring, storing, and maintaining the proper equipment.

Toledo Snow Control is prompt, efficient, and professional … and professional commercial snow removal is a must during the winter months.

Don’t leave your business unprepared for the coming snow. Toledo Snow Control can clear any commercial lot and make sure that you’re open for business. We are proud to provide expert commercial snow removal services in Toledo and all surrounding areas. GET A FREE QUOTE before the snow flies! (419) 297-6138