TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) – Ohio state law says you are under no obligation to shovel your sidewalk. The Ohio Insurance Institute said you probably won’t be held liable if someone slips and falls on your sidewalk, according to WOIO.

However, the city of Toledo says differently, as cities around Ohio have their own rules regarding sidewalk cleanup.

According to the city’s Municipal Code, snow must be removed from commercial and residential properties within 24 hours after the snow falls.

521.01. Removal of snow and ice from walks. The occupants of each single residential, commercial or industrial property and the owner of any multiple residential, commercial or industrial property or of any unoccupied or unimproved property, abutting upon public walks shall clear the walk of snow, ice, dirt or any other debris within twenty-four hours after such deposit.

The city urges residents to assist those who aren’t capable of shoveling their sidewalks by themselves and requests that commercial businesses that have not cleared their sidewalks to do so immediately, especially on main city roads.

“Many people rely on walking and transit as their primary way to get around, and without a wide, clear path through the snow and ice, it is especially difficult for people with disabilities, seniors and children to walk safely,” said the city on its website.

The city also asks that residents park vehicles off city streets as much as possible when there is snow accumulation, as less cars on the street makes for easier and more efficient snow cleanup.

Residents who live on streets that have not yet been cleared should call 419-936-2020. The city says alleyways will only be cleared if they have refuse service.


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